en-Begin again - Mona Kasten Review


He makes the rules. She breaks them all.

A new start. It's the only thing keeping Allie Harper going, when she packs up her life and moves across the country to Woodshill, Oregon. She's about to start college, desperate to leave the ghosts of her past behind her. Even if that means never talking to her parents again.Now the hard part - finding an apartment before classes start. Just when it seems she'll have to live out of her car, Allie visits one more place. It's beautiful. With one exception: can she stand being roommates with campus bad boy Kaden White? Sure, Kaden is sexy with his tattoos and careless attitude, but he's also an arrogant jerk. With nowhere else to go, Allie moves in.The first thing Kaden does is make a set of rules. Either Allie obeys, or she's out:

  1. Don't talk about your girl problems.
  2. Keep your mouth shut if I bring someone home.
  3. We will NEVER hook up.

Easy enough, thinks Allie. Who would want to get involved with a brute like Kaden? But the more she gets to know him, the more she sees beyond his gruff facade. He, too, is harboring some painful secrets. For Kaden and Allie, it gets harder and harder to ignore the sparks between them. And the lines between the rules start to blur ...

"Not broken just bend"

What a lovely romance story! This is the best one I've read so far. You get sucked into the story and you're not able to put it back down. 

I have laughed, cried, yelled, but above all, I have enjoyed this story more than I can put into words.  It's so well written and detailed, that the pages almost flip by themselves. I had it finished in no time. It has been a while since I last read a romantic book, but this one was even better than all the others I have read in the past. I really loved it and I can't wait for the next one in the series to be translated. 

The story is tense and emotional and above all a real rollercoaster that takes you along on it's ride. Even the characters are so interesting and so well written. They both have a rough past that they don't share with each other. We don't get to know their pasts untill the end of the story and we're so desperate to know what it is that they  both are hiding. 

I felt like I was in the story and not only reading it. I felt like I was Allie myself and I totally understood her feelings towards Kaden. He's a real pain in the ass but he can be very sweet sometimes. One moment you want to kiss him and the other you want to punch him in the face. But I have to admit. I even fell a little bit for Kaden. 

 I really loved the story and I can't wait for the other books to be translated. I loved it so much so it gets a 5 star rating from me. 

  • Author: Mona Kasten
  • Genre: Romane
  • Theme's: Friendship, love, trust, family
  • Publisher: Bastei Entertainment
  • Pages: 410
  • Published: februari 2020
  • Rating: *****