en-Bravelands 4: Shifting Shadows - Erin Hunter review


AN ELEPHANT entrusted with a powerful gift...

A LION treading a dangerous path...

A BABOON trapped by the truth...

A false leader has been destroyed, but Bravelands is still in grave danger. 

Stinger's death should have brought peace to the land; but no Great Parent has stepped forward, and now the fate of Bravelands hangs in the balance. With a mysterious threat lurking in their midst, all members of the Great Herd must find the strength to walk the right path or risk the end of Bravelands forever. 

What a great story yet again! I couldn't wait to dive into this one after reading the 3rd book in the series. The stories are amazing and they don't get boring. 

We go back into the story with our favorite characters: Sky, Brave and Thorn. We live with them and try our hardest to save Bravelands again from a lurking evil. We thought everything would go back to normal after Stinger's death, but we couldn't be more wrong. A new evil surfaced and tries to harm whole Bravelands again. Will sky, Thorn and Brave succeed in their mission to save all the animals? Will Thorn accept his fate?  

It's such a good story and I had it finished in no time. I love how good those stories are and they're real page-turners. It's written with a lot of detail and the different points of view makes you want read on and on. 

It's so beautifully written! They learn us that not all animals can live toghether in harmony. Sometimes they have to kill each other to feed themselves and their pack. And I think it's great that a book tells us the truth and not some fairytale we want to believe in. Animals do need to kill sometimes in order to survive. I appreciate that the books shares this with it's readers. 

  • Author: Erin Hunter 
  • Genre: Young Adult 
  • Theme's: Friendship, trust, violence, power
  • Publisher:  Smithsonian Books 
  • Published: may 2019
  • Pages: 355
  • Rating: ****