en-Bravelands3 : Blood and bone - Erin Hunter review


AN ELEPHANT entrusted with a powerful gift...

A LION treading a dangerous path...

A BABOON  trapped by the truth...

A great evil has risen. A murderer now leads the animals of the plains. As the elephant Sky leads her herd in a desperate search for Bravelands' rightful leader, the baboon Thorn is forced to flee his old troop, and the lion Fearless, once their friend, is led astray by a tyrant.

The balance of Bravelands is about to shatter-unless predator, prey, and scavenger unite as one.

This was a rollercoaster yet again! 

Who will rule Bravelands now? Who brings peace and unity? and most of all. Will they get back in good graces with the Great Spirit?

The third book in the bravelands series is so tense! We read the stories from Sky's, Thorn's and Fearless's point of view. the three of them will do everything they can to make everything right in Bravelands. But will they succeed? 

It's a real page-turner and I just couldn't put it down. I had so many questions on the end of the 2nd book, and I finaly got the answers at the end of the third one. But it was so great and relieving. I had it finished in no time! 

I really recommend it to all young adult fans and animal lovers. 

  • Author: Erin Hunter
  • Genre: Young Adult
  • Theme's: power, friendship, trust,...
  • Publisher: HarperCollins 
  • Published: october 2018 
  • Pages: 320 
  • Rating: ****