en-Destroy me - Tahereh Mafi review


The ruthless leader Warner has a major problem. He has lost his only weapon to fight the new world he wants to create. But is she only a weapon to him? Warner's life isn't as easy as he pretends it to be. He has to fulfill the image he created for himself to make his father proud.  Will he succeed his plans or are they destined to fail once more? 

After reading the first book in the series, I couldn't wait to dive into the next one. 'Destroy me' is seen as a little novella between book one and two. It's told from leader Warner's point of view. I think it is a nice addition to the series. 

I liked to read the story from the villain's point of view. We got a closer look on his life and his motives for all his crimes. We learn the most important thing: He do has a heart. His life isn't as beautiful as he pretends it to be. He desperately wants to make his father proud and wants to convince his father that he isn't a failure. Will he succeed?

He has also lost his one and only true love. Will he  find her again, or has he lost her forever? 

I had it finished in no time! It's a small book and a nice addition to the series. I liked it, but not as much as the first one. I hope the second book is better than the tiny novella in between 1 and 2. I did like the fact that we get to know Warner better. But I just wan't dragged into this story as I was with the first one. 

  • Author: Tahereh Mafi
  • Genre: Young Adult
  • Themes: apocalyps, villain, ...
  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • Published: february 2014
  • Pages: 197 
  • Rating: * * *