en-Love Lettering - Kate Clayborn review


In the last year, Meg Mackworth's beautiful hand-lettering skills have seen her rocket to social media fame, and now she has a booming business crafting stationery for the stars. But she has a secret: sometimes, she just can't resist hiding messages in her work. Slightly unprofessional, maybe - but harmless. Right?

Analyst Reid Sutherland and his gorgeous fiancée had their future mapped out. Until he noticed a pattern in his wedding invitation that made him think twice.

When Meg looks up from her desk one day and sees Reid standing in front of her with no wedding ring, holding the invitation she created, she thinks that her career is over.

But her life may be about to begin . . .

This was such a lovely book! So relaxing and oh so romantic! I loved it without a doubt. I wish this book never ended.

The story was so touching, because the bond between the two main characters (Meg and Reid) was so special and unique. They understood each other like no one else around them could ever do. This was so beautiful to read and their relationship made me happy and gave me hope.

Something inside the story that repeated itself was the love Meg had for hand lettering. I loved that this was such a huge thing in the book. This may look like a little detail, but this one's really essential for the story. And I really liked that it came back every now and then. And that everything was so detailed that you could see the signs in front of you with the description. 

The author often used terms that are used by artists, and that's something I really appreciate in a story. Because to me it seems that the author did her research on specific topics, so she knows what she is writing about. I love it when authors do research on the topics they write about. It makes the story so much more special and fascinating, knowing they put extra effort in it.

The story gives you a happy feeling and makes you feel relaxed. I really enjoyed this book and I love to read more from this amazing author! I definitely recommend it if you want to step into another world and if you are into romance novels! I could read this book over and over again.

Book Specifications:

  • Author: Kate Clayborn
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Themes: building a new life, finding 'the one',...
  • Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
  • Published: December 2019
  • Number of pages: 320 Pages
  • ISBN- Code: 9781496725172
  • Price: $ 7.89
  • Rating * * * * *