en-Riverdale: The day before - Micol Ostow Review


In the early morning hours on the fourth of july, a gunshot rings out in Sweetwater River, turning the sleepy town of Riverdale upside down. But what did life look like before everything changed? 

Before Jason Blossom went missing, four teens were taking advantage of their summer freedom. Archie was in love, Betty was conquering her LA internship, Veronica was running Manhattan, and jughead was just trying to get by.  

Told from alternating points of view, this prequel novel set in Riverdale universe explores what life was like the day before it all changed.

I was so stoked about the second book, that I coudn't wait to dive into this prequel. I know it's a bit odd to start with the second book. But I didn't know it was the second one at first. But aside from that I really liked this one. I think it's a good book and it is very well written. 

It takes you on a journey and you learn a lot more about the sweet town of Riverdale. ' Everything is not what it seems's, seems the best way to descripe the lovely town of Riverdale. We learn a lot about our beloved charachters and how they're feeling towards each other. 

Like I said, I really liked the story! I loved reading it and I finished it in no time. But I do think that the second one is better to be honest. At least, a loved the second one a little bit more. But anyway, I really enjoyed reading it and I can't wait to read the third one in the series. 

  • Author: Micol Ostow
  • Genre: Young adult
  • Theme's: Riverdale, Crime, mysteries
  • Publisher: Scholastic US
  • published: januari 2019
  • Number of Pages: 270 
  • Rating: ***