en-The Assassin's Blade- Sarah J. Maas Review


Celeana Sardothien owes her reputation to Arobynn Hamel. He geve her a home at the Assassins' Guild and taught her the skills she needed to survive.

Arobynn's enemies stretch far and wide - from Adarlan's rooftops and it's filthy dens, to remote islands and hostile deserts. Celeana is duty-bound to hunt them down. But Behind her assignments lies a dark truth that will seal her fate - and cut her heart in two forever...

The Prequels to the international bestseller Throne Of Glass.

I've read 'The Assassin's Blade' a few years ago in the English version. It was a good book, but I wasn't too fond of it. I don't know why, but I just could not get into the story. I felt kind of bummed because of this big hype that's going around for this bookseries, that I decided to give it another chance when the Dutch translation came out.

I'm so glad that I gave it another chance! Because I really loved it this time! I don't know why, or what changed it, but now I do. The Dutch Translation? The hype? Something else? I don't know but I loved it more now than I did back then, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

Celeana's character is a power-woman who fights for what she wants. She does not let anything get in her way. She's Arobynn's most feared assassin in the whole empire. She looks like a stone-cold killing robot, but the more we read, the more we get to know her better. She is kind at heart and she sometimes let her humanity show. We get to see the person that's underneath the killing machine. Her character is sophisticated, which brings the story to a whole new level.

The story is beautifully written and is split up in multiple shorter stories about Celeana's life as an assassin. She must fight for what she wants in a world full of evil men. She has to be strong and stand her ground, because they are willing to take her down. Evil is lurking behind every corner which makes this book an amazing page turner. She's Arobynn's greatest pride and there are others who are eager to take her place.

The book's filled whit a bunch of plot twists and you just can't put it away.

About the book:

  • Author: Sarah J. Maas
  • Genre: Young Adult
  • Themes: Slavery, freedom, assassination, ...
  • Publiser: Bloomsburry Publishing
  • Publication date: March, 2014
  • Number of pages: 436 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781408851982
  • Price:€11.95 (e-book: €6.89)
  • Rating: * * * *