The Love Child - Rachel Hore Review


London, 1917

When nineteen-year-old Alice Copeman becomes pregnant, she is forced by her father and stepmother to give up the baby. She simply cannot be allowed to bring shame upon her family. But all Alice can think about is the small, kitten-like child she gave away, and she mourns the father, a young soldier, so beloved, who will never have the chance to know his daughter.

Edith and Philip Burns, a childless couple, yearn for a child of their own. When they secretly adopt a baby girl, Irene, their life together must surely be complete. Irene grows up knowing that she is different from other children, but no one will tell her the full truth.

As two extraordinary stories intertwine across two decades, will secrets long-buried at last come to light?

I was really looking forward to read this beauty. And we have to be honest, it looks so beautiful! I could not wait to dive into this book.

The story begins rather slowly and each character is being presented when they first make an appearance. The story is beautifully written and detailed and it brings out the beauty of the mother-daughter-bond. The book makes you feel relaxed and gives you a nice view into the world around the first world war.

I really liked the main Character Alice. She's really open minded for a woman around that time. She fight for what she wants and whe won't back down that easily. She can be an icon to many other women.

I really liked the storyn but I was missing some elements to keep me inside the story. it was pretty monotonous at some points and I got easily distracted because of that.

Book Specifics:

Author: Rachel Hore

Genre: Romance novel

Themes: Mother-daughterbond, first world war

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK

Published: January 23, 2020

Number of pages: 400 pages

ISBN-Code: 978-1471157004

Price: $13.20

Rating: * * *