en-The official dictionary of Sarcasm - James Napoli Review


This is an A to Z guide to turn to whenever you need to set someone straight. It is by the executive vice president of the National Sarcasm Society! Why tolerate ignorance? James Napoli, the executive vice president of the National Sarcasm Society, has provided an A to Z guide to turn to whenever you need to set someone straight. From advertisements to email, from materialism to remote controls, there's a sarcastic answer for every situation. 

I've been waiting for this one for a while. I really like this book and it's a great addition to my vocabulary. Almost every person on this planet uses sarcasm from time to time, just like I do. And I think it's a great way to expand your vocabulary with a nice book like this one. 

The book is arranged alphabeticaly, and each letter has it's own announcing page. You can also find the letters in the corner at the top of each page. This makes it look very nice and neat. It also makes it really easy to find the words you were looking for. 

It is well written and the author has a nice way of looking to the world with so much sarcasm. Some words have an illustration to support them. It's a nice and clean drawing. I think it's in the book's adventage to use some illustrations. It makes it look less boring and more fun. 

There were some words and people in it that I did not reconize or knew. I looked them all up and because of that I think I even learned something with this book. I had hoped there would be some specific situations where you could use these words, but it turns out that this is not the case. Which I do understand because it's not a manual but a dictionary. But I think that would have been a nice addtion to the book though. 

I really liked the book and I enjoyed it so much. It's a nice book to read from time to time just for fun. I really recommend it to all the sarcastic people who want to work on their sarcasm skills. 

  • Author: James Napoli
  • Genre: Dictionary, Information
  • Themes: Various themes
  • Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co. 
  • Published: october 2011
  • Pages: 367
  • Rating: ****

Thank you L&M Books for sending it my way!!