en-The Seven Sisters - Lucinda Riley Review


The seven sisters tells the story about Maia and her 5 sisters who come together after their father passed away. They each got a letter from him with a personal note and the coordinates to the place where he adopt each of them. It is up to them to choose if they want to know their history or not. 

In this story we follow Maia who wants an escape from real life and travels to Brasil to find out where she came from. The coordinates lead her to a place in Rio where her story began all those years ago. She learns more about herself than she thought she would. The famous author Floriano helps her to find out the truth about her real family.

Will she find the answers to her questions about her birth family? Will she want to know the whole mystery around her past? Or will she run away again? 

The seven sisters is the most famous romance novel now around the world. It has received a lot of interest lately and that made me so curious about it. I couldn't stay behind on this one if it got so many attention, could I? So my interest was piqued.

After a few days my copy came in, and I couldn't wait to dive into this story. 

To be honest I was scared at first. I mostly read fantasy stories and from time to time a romance novel. But this is no ordinary romance novel. It's the most famous one and well known, that it made me kind of nervous to read it. 

But I loved it so much. I can't put into words how much I love it! I seriously recommend it to anyone who wants to read a good romance novel. I felt honored to go on an adventure with Maia. It was a great dive into the history of Brasil and an emotional rollercoaster in Maia's life. The story itself was written so well. And I loved how it changed from present (Maia's point of view) to history (Izabella's point of view) and back again. 

I loved the story from Izabella! It's so fascinating and we get to know a lot about Brasil and how they lived back then. We learned so much about the traditions and cultural habbits that used to live in Brasil. Even the characters are amazing. They're so well put together that I can't wait to read their story in the next books! 

It's a beautiful story with great characters and I definitely recommend it to everyone! I give it a well deserved 5 star rating. I can't wait to read the next one that I immediately ordered after finishing this one. 

  • Author : Lucinda Riley
  • Genre: Roman
  • Themes : Welfare, history, love
  • Publisher: Whole Story Audiobooks 
  • Published: january 2018
  • pages : 640 
  • Rating : * * * * *