Ex-Yakuza & stray kitten Vol. 2 - Riddle Kamimura review



Having been taken in by ex-yakuza member Jin, abandoned kitten Sabu finds himself put to work at his shady new owner's pet rescue café. But even as Sabu begins to settle in to this strange routine, Jin keeps giving him reasons to fear for his life!

After reading part 1, I couldn't wait to start in the next one.

Sabu is the most adorable cat and really captures your heart in these mangas. He is so innocent and adorable, you immediately fall in love with him.

Sabu learns what it is like to work in the cat cafe. He is immensely popular with the customers and also manages to melt their hearts time and again. He also learns to trust Ex-yakuza little by little. Even though this is not so obvious for Sabu. Together with the help of his friends, he manages to stand his ground in the cat cafe.

I am greatly looking forward to the third volume of this manga series. I just can't get enough of this. The manga is so incredibly cute! I already can't wait to start part 3. I hope many more may follow.

About the manga: 

- Author: Riddle Kamimura

- Genre: Manga

- Themes: Stray kittens/ Dogs, love, trust, ... 

- Publisher: Seven Seas 

- Published: 9781638588078

- Number of pages: 154 pages

- ISBN-Code: 9781638588078

- Rating: * * * *