Ex- Yakuza & Stray Kitten Vol1 - Riddle Kamimura review


An adorable kitty is saved from a life on the streets by a menacing former gangster...who has a secret soft side!

After being abandoned in the cold rain, tiny kitten Sabu should have been grateful to find a new home. But when he's rescued by Jin, whose every atom screams "yakuza," Sabu suspects he's out of the frying pan and into the fire! Yet Jin's scarred hands and face hide a sweet man beneath...a man who pampers kitties with baths and bottle-feedings!

I do enjoy reading manga these days and especially if they are about cats. I came across this nice manga on a trip to Louvain La Neuve. I was immediately sold and ordered part 2.

The first few pages I had to get into it. I had to locate myself in the manga. Once I succeeded, I flew through this manga like an express train. I enjoyed it immensely! You see this story through the eyes of the little kitten. He finds himself in a very different world, and this can be very scary. You read how the little kitten experiences the situations and how much terror there can be in such a small creature. This manga is full of love and friendship and a touch of mystery.

I found this a mega enjoyable book to read and I already know that I want and will read every volume in this series.

About the manga: 

- Author: Riddle Kamimura

- Genre: Manga

- Themes: Cats, dogs, friendship, trust, ... 

- Publisher: Seven seas

- Published: 9781638585893

- Number of pages: 162 pages

- ISBN-Code: 9781638585893

- Rating: * * * *