How to kill your family - Bella Mackie review


I have killed several people (some brutally, others calmly) and yet I currently languish in jail for a murder I did not commit.

When I think about what I actually did, I feel somewhat sad that nobody will ever know about the complex operation that I undertook. Getting away with it is highly preferable, of course, but perhaps when I'm long gone, someone will open an old safe and find this confession. The public would reel. After all, almost nobody else in the world can possibly understand how someone, by the tender age of 28, can have calmly killed six members of her family. And then happily got on with the rest of her life, never to regret a thing.

When Grace Bernard discovers her absentee millionaire father has rejected her dying mother's pleas for help, she vows revenge, and sets about to kill every member of his family. Readers have a front row seat as Grace picks off the family one by one – and the result is as and gruesome as it is entertaining in this wickedly dark romp about class, family, love… and murder.

But then Grace is imprisoned for a murder she didn't commit. 

This book still left me with a lot of questions and strange looks from bystanders. How to Kill My Family is quite a much talked about book lately. I have heard many good as well as not so good comments about it. My interest was piqued and I gave this book a chance.

The book started out very well. I was immediately dragged into the story. My interest in the character was immediately piqued. It is impossible not to sympathize with the main character. She brings the image of innocent young adult rejected by her father. The book has quite a sensitive note in the beginning. Although she explains very clearly how she kills everyone. She explains her motive reasons and how she carries out her plans effectively.

Although I found the book quite interesting, I found the writing style to be just a little less to my liking. The writing style itself came across to me as rather monotonous and apathetic. This caused my interest to begin to wane just a bit by the halfway point of the book. At this point, the story also became rather drawn out in my opinion. At this point I had to do my best to keep my attention. At times I even thought about just putting the story aside.

I kept going and got to the end of the book. There I was really blown away. What an ending! I'm still at a loss for words. I really didn't see that coming!

About the book: 

- Author: Bella Mackie 

- Genre: New Adult 

- Toppics: Family, murder, .. 

- Publisher: GARDNERS 

- Published: 30th of april 2022

- Number of pages: 368 pages

- ISBN-Code: 9780008365943

- Rating: * * *