Last Chance books - Kelsey Rodkey Review


You've Got Mail meets Morgan Matson in this smart, banter-filled romcom with a bookish twist.

Nothing will stop Madeline Moore from taking over her family's independent bookstore after college. Nothing, that is--until a chain bookstore called Prologue opens across the street and threatens to shut them down.

Madeline sets out to demolish the competition, but the guy who works over at Prologue seems intent on ruining her life. Not only is he taking her customers, he has the unbelievable audacity to be... extremely cute.

But that doesn't matter. Jasper is the enemy and he will be destroyed. After all--all's fair in love and (book) war.

I was really looking forward to reading this book. unfortunately, I wasn't too fond of it. It looked so good, but I did not meet my expectations. I was struggling my way through the book. It was a tough read because I really had to force myself to keep on reading. It was getting kind of boring after the first quarter of the book. I finished it but, I still don't know how I managed that.

The book started out pretty good, but after a while it started to get really boring. The "hatred" between the characters felt unnatural. First they were destined for each other, only to start a war. And most of all, the pranks they pulled were very childish and just plain lame.

About the book: 

- Author:  Kelsey Rodkey

-Genre: Romcom 

- Thema's: bookstore, friend to enemies, ... 

- Publisher: Harperteen 

-  Published: 14/06/2022

- Number of pages: 384 

- ISBN: 9780062994479

- Rating: * * * *