Lighting the Fire - Sarah Rees Brennan Review


Think of Alfea as your new home...

It's spring, and Headmistress Dowling is organizing an orientation day for the students coming to Alfea next year. Stella volunteers to head the committee to welcome the new students, and she insists that her boyfriend, Sky, help out. But Sky is preoccupied with the bad behavior of his moody roommate, Riven.

Incoming students Aisha, Musa, and Terra are nervous about orientation day. Aisha is eager to prove that she can hold her own among the magical talents at Alfea... but Musa isn't so sure the school is the right place for her. As for Terra, all she wants is to make friends with the other first years.

Meanwhile, Headmistress Dowling has a lead on a fairy living in the human world. This young girl, Bloom, has no idea of what lies before her... but her previously unknown powers are about to be put to the test.

After having read the first book, I was still a little afraid to start in this one. I found the first one very disappointing. I did not like the writing style of the first one and I absolutely did not get into the story. With a scared heart I opened the book and started it ...

But unlike the first book, I really liked this one! This story was 10x better than the first book. It read super smoothly and provided suspense and.

It shows a completely different side of the characters. We get a broader view of the characters, giving us a better understanding of who they really are and what their underlying hidden feelings are. The story is full of suspense that makes you unable to stop reading.

I enjoyed this book immensely! I am very relieved that it is nothing like the first one.

About the book:

  • Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
  • Genre: Ya
  • Themes: Fae, friendship, love, school, ...
  • Publisher; Scholastic Inc.
  • Published: 16/08/2022
  • Number of pages: 288
  • ISBn-Code: 9781338744989
  • Rating: * * * *