My cute little kitten - Milk Morinaga Review


A budding romance between female roommates is spurred on by the rescue of a rambunctious kitten in this yuri/Girls' Love romcom. By the beloved creator of Girl Friends!

Rena has had a crush on her roommate Yuna since college, but Yuna has never noticed. One night, Yuna brings home a tiny kitten, even though their apartment doesn't allow pets! Rena decides it would be better to let Yuna find her own place. But when Yuna says she wants to stay with Rena forever, Rena's feelings are forced to the surface. Can Rena make Yuna understand what being together forever really means?

I must admit that I may have been a bit misled by the title. While it did deal with a kitten, this was not the big topic. That being said, I still really liked this manga! Also very nicely fleshed out and drawn.

This one could have been quite packed. It is drawn quite explicitly, so a wrapping could have been a hint.

Still, I found this a really fun manga to read and can't wait for part 2

About the manga: 

- Author: Milk Morinaga

- Genre: Manga 

Themes: Friends, love , cats, ..

- Publisher: Seven Seas

- Published: decemeber 2022

- Number of pages: 184 pages

- Series: My cute little kitten Vol 1

- ISBN-Code: 9781638585787

- Rating: * * * *