My sister the cat - Senko review


In this heartwarming slice-of-life comedy, a young man is adopted into a family of cats who walk, talk, and live like humans!

Family life can be full of misunderstandings even when you're all the same species. So just imagine what would happen if your little sister was a cat! Enjoy the charming complications in the lives of Nekota, his adorable sister Neneko, and their parents and friends.

I've recently found my love for manga's. They're so much fun to read. But I do have some standards when it comes to them. They must be about cats, dogs, or other animals.

I went to the Akiba store in Mechelen, and I asked the employee to recommend me some good manga's with cats. I chose this one and 'nights with a cat'.

I really enjoyed this manga 'my sister the cat'. It's so touching that a human boy found love within a cat family. It shows us that there is more to family than to be bounded by blood. And that you can choose your own family. I really loved the little cat. She loves her brother so much. The bond they have is unbreakable and heart touching. 

About the manga: 

- Author: Senko 

- Genre: Manga

- Themes: Family, cats, love 

- Publisher: Seven Seas 

- Published: 3/01/2023

- Number of pages: 176 pages

- ISBN- Code: 9781638586531

- Rating: * * * *<br>