Nights with a cat vol 2- Kyuryu Z review


It's time for even more tales of Fuuta's life with his sister's cat, Kyuruga! From the secret to luring cats where you want them to go, to the way they always want to lie in front of your TV screen or keyboard when you're using them, to how excited they get when you return from a long trip, cat owners are sure to see something of their own fur balls in Fuuta and Kyuruga's daily adventures! 

This was another gem to read. I enjoyed the story immensely. I must say that the story is really very relatable. If you have cats yourself you only understand how well this manga can reflect the behaviors of a cat.

 I also think that I learned quite a bit from this manga. The cat's behaviors are partially explained by Fuuta. Which allows you to reflect this on your own cat and possibly understand his/her behaviors better as well.

 I give this manga 4 well-deserved stars. I enjoyed it immensely!

About the manga: 

- Author: Kyuryu Z

- Genre: Manga 

- Themes: Cats, catlovers, catsbehaviour

- Publisher: Yen Press

- Published: October 2022

- Number of pages: 128 pages

- ISBN-Code:9781975341718

- Series: Nights with a cat vol 2

- Rating: * * * *