Price Of A Rose - Byrd Nash review


The Beast is about to be tamed by three determined ladies.

When their father loses a card game to the local recluse, his three daughters step in to determine their own fate. The oldest, Lily, rolls up her sleeves to take the strange household in hand even if the house keeps moving the rooms. The youngest, Poppy, devours his books on magic while playing secretary.

But it's Rose, the middle daughter, who works magic in his forgotten garden. She could be the key to unraveling his curse, if he can recognize what's real behind fairy magic.

A Victorian England, 1890, Beauty and Beast fairytale retelling like you've never read before.

A novella featuring a delightful, clean and sweet romance. Perfect for fans of historical romances who also like a fairytale fantasy with humor.

This short story ebook is a friendly read for teens and adult readers who love the grand period of the Late Victorian time period.

I was once again blown away from this amazing story by Byrd Nash. I don't know how she does it but she can give classic stories an amazing twist that no one else can.

I loved how she painted her characters. They seemed so real, and I had the feeling that I really knew them. I could easily bond with the characters. I really loved the twists that she made to the story. It made the story so different from the original one and that made it really fun to read.

Byrd Nash has a beautiful writing style. She can describe places with so much detail that it feels like you are there yourself. The storyline was well built and was so fascinating to read.

I hope she continues to write other fairytales as well and I am really looking forward to reading them too.

Book Specifics: 

  • Author: Byrd Nash 
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Themes: Beauty and the beast. 
  • Publisher: Rook And Castle Press
  • Published: 1/02/2021
  • Number of pages: 123 Pages
  • ISBN-Code: 9781954811997
  • Price: € 1,99
  • Rating: * * * *