Twin Crowns - Catherine Doyle, Katherine Webber Review


Wren Greenrock has always known that one day she would steal her sister's place in the palace. Trained from birth to return to the place of her parents' murder and usurp the only survivor, she will do anything to rise to power and protect the community of witches she loves. Or she would, if only a certain palace guard wasn't quite so distractingly attractive, and if her reckless magic didn't have a habit of causing trouble...

Princess Rose Valhart knows that with power comes responsibility. Marriage into a brutal kingdom awaits, and she will not let a small matter like waking up in the middle of the desert in the company of an extremely impertinent (and handsome) kidnapper get in the way of her royal duty. But life outside the palace walls is wilder and more beautiful than she ever imagined, and the witches she has long feared might turn out to be the family she never knew she was missing.

Two sisters separated at birth and raised into entirely different worlds are about to get to know each other's lives a whole lot better. But as coronation day looms closer and they each strive to claim their birthright, the sinister Kingsbreath, Willem Rathborne, becomes increasingly determined that neither will succeed. Who will ultimately rise to power and wear the crown?

This book was so nice to read. I've read this book because it was the 'Book of the month' book in the Belgian Bookclub. It's an easy and relaxing read.

The different points of view are so fascinating to read. You get the story of both sisters better in my opinion. But I must admit that I did not quite like rose's character. I prefer Wren's story. Rose likes to be the center of attention and takes everything for granted. This particular 'air' around her was getting on my nerves and I started to dislike her verry soon in the book. In contrary to Wren's character, who has to work for what she wants. She wants to fight the empire to defend and revenge the lost and dead witches whom she belongs to. I found her so much more inspiring than her twin sister.

This book is well written, and not unnecessarily difficult. It's an easy and relaxing read. It's easy to follow without any difficult terms or an overload on characters.

I must admit that I completely ship the 'bond' between Wren and Tor. They look so adorable together. I hope their love story goes on in the second book.

Without any spoilers: But I must say that I was pretty disappointed in the end. Like this ending was just way too simple. This could have gotten a better ending than this if you ask me. But that's my only complaint.

About The Book:

  • Author: by Catherine Doyle , Katherine Webber
  • Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
  • Themes: Sisterhood, witches, birth right, ...
  • Publisher: Balzer & Bray
  • Published: May 17th 2022
  • Number of pages: 480 pages
  • ISBN: 9780063116139
  • Rating: * * * *